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Run! It’s Wasabizilla!

He might not look as intimidating as the full size Godzilla, but if you put him in your mouth all at once, you might be in just as much pain as one of the monster’s victims. Link Via That’s Nerdolicious

There Once was a Man Who was a Dwarf and Later a Giant

Neatorama presents a guest post from Today I Found Out, a website where you can learn interesting facts every day. Check ‘em out today! Photo courtesy of [...]

Astronomers discover huge diamond planet

A planet twice the size of the Earth and made up mostly of diamond has been discovered by astronomers. Known as 55 Cancri e, the planet is one of five…

Tiny snail spreading across the globe

The miniscule New Zealand mudsnail has been found in Europe, North America and elsewhere. Despite its small size, the snail is particularly adept at s…

Mass of volcanic rocks off New Zealand coast

A large number of small volcanic rocks have covered an area the size of Belgium northeast of Auckland. The unusual phenomenon is comprised of lightwei…

On the Gradual Diminution of the Human Head

by F.F. Tuckett and Dr. Beddoe, F.R.S. [Originally published in Proceedings of the Bristol Naturalists’ Society, New Series, vol. 3, part 3, 1882. Thanks to Desmond T. Donovan for bringing it to our attention.] Mr. Tuckett’s attention had first been directed to the subject of his communication by a remark made to him some time ago by [...]

Dutchman builds full-size ark replica

A carpenter has spent three years and over one million pounds building a full size replica of Noah’s Ark. Johan Huibers undertook the mammoth project …

Exam From Hell: Drunk Teacher Forced Students to Take 23-Hour Exam

Think that your professor is bad? Try this one for size: A lecturer at a Russian university allegedly submitted students to a 23-hour exam without food or lavatory breaks while she was drunk. Landysh Zaripova is said to have mostly ignored [...]

Tiny mammoths lived on Crete

Mammoths the size of a baby elephant roamed the Greek island of Crete over 3 million years ago. It was the smallest species of mammoth ever to walk th…

Giant lobster fished up in Maine

A 27-pound lobster the size of a small child has been caught after becoming trapped in a shrimp net. Nicknamed ‘Rocky’ and measuing 40 inches the huge…