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Transparent Eel

You can see right through the whitespotted conger larva. This flat-shaped fish found in the waters around Japan is about six inches long now. But when fully grown, it will lose its transparency and be up to three feet long. Link (Translation) -via Twisted Sifter | Photo: Mie Prefecture Fisheries Research Institute

Loops of Zen

With six inches of snow on the roads and Christmas activities over, my kids are looking for distractions. One I found for them is Loops of Zen, which somewhat resembles the Light Up the Christmas Tree game, but with more curves. Link -via Look At This

Man Impaled By Tree And Lives To Tell The Story

Jack Weir was clearing trees in his family farm with a Bobcat when a large cottonwood hit back and impaled him with a piece of wood 20 feet long and 6 inches thick. What happened next was nothing short of a miracle: A broken limb came flying in under the roll bar, spearing Jack through the belly [...]