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Scientology ’space cathedral’ located ?

Two huge symbols etched in to the New Mexico desert floor are said to mark the site of a secret bunker. The complex is allegedly located near Mesa Hue…

Monkey in a jacket perplexes Ikea customers

A Toronto branch of Ikea was the site of an unusual visitor on Sunday in the form of a debonair monkey. Shoppers visiting the store were surprised whe…

Get Sketchy With The Simpsons Drawing Club

Lovers of all things Simpsonian should take a gander at a fun new site called the Simpsons Drawing Club, where you’ll discover mind melting masterpieces like the drippy drawing above by Sam Taylor entitled “Melthouse”. Sam is joined by artists such as Jack Teagle and Isaac Lenkiewicz, who’ll be hanging their sketches up on that there [...]

Twaggies on TV

(YouTube link) Some of you may not know that Neatorama’s social media guru David Israel is the man behind Twaggies, the site that makes funny Tweets into funny comics. Twaggies’ popularity among Hollywood celebrities was noticed and led to the site being featured on the NBC show Extra. If you missed it, take a look! Link

The Late Movies: Facebook Songs and Parodies

Facebook celebrated 8 years this February, and in that time it has become a household name. As with any cultural phenomenon, it’s the subject of songs and parodies. While some of these scenarios are now out-dated (Facebook has changed a lot in 8 years!), these are still some of our favorite videos about the social [...]

I Need a Name

There’s a woman who’s going to be contributing to our site. She’s quite good and I’m quite excited. When she asked if she could write under an alias, I wasn’t sure. Then I remembered “Miss Cellania” is not a birth name and decided it was OK. But I had one condition—we get to name her. That’s too [...]

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Neatorama!

We’ve been so busy with the new site that Neatorama’s seventh anniversary just slipped right past me! Alex is not one to celebrate such things, so I feel the need to point out that Neatorama was born on August 9th, 2005, with this innocuous little post: It was two years before that post got its first [...]

Digg Sold

Once upon a time, the news aggregator site Digg was valued at $160 million. Yesterday, Digg confirmed that the site has been sold to Betaworks for $500,000. Some say the decline of Digg can be traced to the rise of Facebook and Twitter, while others blame mismanagement and a switch to support of sponsors over [...]

Early Human Relatives Ate Bark

A fossil species of the human family called Australopithecus sediba is a fairly recent discovery. Some of the two-million-year-old individuals unearthed in Africa have tartar on their teeth, which is rare among primate fossils, but it gives scientists a chance to reconstruct what they ate. That diet was a surprise. The team conducted their studies on [...]

Jubilee Dalek

Daleks-of-the-Day is a site that brings you a new dalek every day. Today’s edition is special for the Queen’s diamond jubilee, complete with crown, scepter, and …whatever that round thing is. Link -Thanks, Darkfynne!