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Genetic evidence of human ’sister’ species?

Researchers believe they have uncovered DNA evidence of an unknown sister species of human. The discovery was made by scientists analyzing the DNA of …

The Worst Haircut Ever

Jeff Cohen’s five-year-old daughter decided her three-year-old sister needed a haircut, so she got the scissors. Weeks later, after everyone had calmed down and learned their lessons, he interviewed the girls about the experience. What resulted was the most adorable account of childhood adventure you’ve heard outside your own family. Link -via Metafilter

Father Taped His Children Coming Down the Stairs on Christmas Morning For The Past 25 Years

What a wonderful Christmas morning tradition! Every year for the past 25 years, writer Nick Confalone’s father taped him and his sister coming down the stairs: Every year, our dad would tape us coming down the stairs. This [...]

Indian Wedding Detectives

Before they say yes to the dress, a growing number of Indians are saying yes to "wedding detectives": Agencies say they’ve seen a huge rise in pre-matrimonial investigations to check a suitor’s background, [...]

Criminal Defendant: My Evil Twin Did It!

A woman in Indiana stands accused of altering her payroll documents so that she could qualify for welfare payments. When confronted with the charges, she claimed that she was innocent. It was her evil twin who had committed the crime! When officials with the Indiana Office of Inspector General interviewed Athalone-Afrika about the allegations, she claimed [...]

Siblings sue mother for $50,000

A brother and sister have sued their own mother for $50,000 on the grounds of bad parenting. The actual crimes however are somewhat questionnable, Kim…

A Theater Experience

(YouTube link) Charlie took his sister Ginny to the movies. What Charlie knew, but Ginny didn’t, was that Ginny’s boyfriend Matt had bought a slot during the previews. And we have her reaction on video during the whole thing. -via reddit

Two planets, two stars, one system

Astronomers have discovered two Jupiter-like planets orbiting two close sister stars. A discovery like this is unusual because binary star systems ten…

The Odd Tales of 5 People Named After Brands or Products

The recent internet rediscovery of Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer reminds us of a few other poor souls whose parents were at a loss when filling in the birth certificate. Flavorwire tracked Sawyer and a few others down and tells their stories. Apparently, she was named after two of her hippie parents’ favorite refreshments, and according to Sawyer, [...]

The Cupcake Game

My sister hosts a big game party every year, mostly non-video games (word games, board games etc.) This year she made 100 cupcakes, each with a decoration referring to a game, video and otherwise. Have a go at guessing them all! (keep your own score manually) Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by iandberg.