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Ben Franklin’s Thoughts About the Constitution on the Day It Was Signed (225 Years Ago Today!)

On this date in 1787, members of the Constitutional Convention signed the final draft of the Constitution. The great Ben Franklin had a few things to say that day. The following excerpts are courtesy of the Library of Congress, from Max Farrand’s The Records of the Federal Convention of 1787: “I confess that there are several [...]

Math Proves That Bieber Fever is One of the Most Contagious Diseases Ever

Inset photo: Georges Biard/Wikimedia Commons Did your adolescent daughter just got Bieber fever? Well, don’t blame yourself. Mathematicians have just proven that Justin Bieber is one of [...]

This Kitty NEEDS His Fish Sticks

(Video Link) “I am very, very sneaky sir.” Me thinks Oscar the Cat just watched Mr. Deeds and just had to prove his sneakiness by breaking into the fridge and stealing frozen fish sticks. At least he’s a smart bugger. Via Laughing Squid

C3PO Descending a Staircase and Other Classic Works of Science Fiction Art

Sir, it’s quite possible this staircase is not entirely stable. Nonetheless, C3PO will descend it as Mr. Duchamp requires. John Mattos composed this painting. You can see a roundup of other famous works of art with a science fiction twist at the link. Link -via The Uniblog | Mattos’s Website

At the Age of 61, Man Returns to College Football

When he was 18, Alan Moore played college football for a year before leaving school to serve with the US Army in Vietnam. When he got back, Moore got a job, got married, and eventually had three children and five grandchildren. He never stopped dreaming of football. Now he’s back, 43 years later. Moore is [...]