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Sarah Brightman to become a space tourist

Singer Sarah Brightman will be the next tourist to take a trip to the International Space Station. The classical singer will conclude her 2013 tour an…

Robbie Williams to build UFO spotting base

The former ‘Take That’ singer believes White Rock Island in California would be the ideal location. It is believed that Robbie is hoping to purchase t…

Beyonce fly named after singer

A species of fly has been named after the singer Beyonce due to its distinctive golden posterior. “It was the unique dense golden hairs on the fly’s a…

The Late Movies: Tom Jones and…

Welsh singer Tom Jones seems to keep going and going and going. In a half-century of performing, he has shared the stage with an amazing variety of singers, some of which may surprise you. Jerry Lee Lewis (1968) * Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young (1969) * Janis Joplin (1969) * Little Richard (1969) * Joe Cocker (1970) * Aretha Franklin (1971) * Tina Turner (1977) * Isaac Hayes (1979) * Dolly Parton [...]

Moments With Aloe Blacc: Orchestral Hip Hop

I first stumbled across singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc when rounding up covers of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” for The Late Movies. Blacc is a hell of a singer, and his talents are highlighted in a concert film from 2011 at the MADE creative space in Berlin. Blacc sings, accompanied by an orchestral string section. [...]

11 Rock Star Cameos in TV Shows

From Davy Jones on The Brady Bunch to (Cow)Boy George on The A-Team, here are some of the more memorable musician TV cameos. 1. Davy Jones on The Brady Bunch Marcia’s all-out campaign to get the Monkees singer to perform at her prom yields a kiss on the cheek, a date, and a specially dedicated song. “Thank [...]

The Late Movies: Steve Earle

In February, I braved the frozen tundra of Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood to see Steve Earle in the intimate confines of the upstairs room at Johnny Brenda’s. I’ve been a fan of Earle’s for a long time and will happily, openly disagree with George Jones fans about who the “greatest living country singer” is, but seeing [...]

Sammy Hagar claims alien abduction

The former Van Halen lead singer recounts his past experiences with UFOs. Hagar was speaking to a reporter in an interview about his new book and deta…

Biomechanical Mic Stand

Photo: Dennis Blachut When Adam Gontier, the lead singer of Three Days Grace, ran across the sci-fi sculptures of Christopher Contee, he commissioned a mic stand that Skynet would heartily approve. Behold, the Biomechanical Mic Stand: Link | Wired Article by Lewis Wallace

Famous Men That Became Women

All these women were once men, and you can see the images before and after the gender change. It is really unbelievable. Some of these ladies look very beautiful and feminine, but some of them still have some male features. Dana International Singer, Entertainer April Ashley Model, Entertainer, Socialite Joan Roughgarden Biologist Melanie Anne Phillips TS Support-Site Authoress Jan Morris [...]