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The Missing Links: Building a Helicopter Out of Trash

The Original Sin City Las Vegas from way before the Strip. (While these pictures are fine, other parts of this site may be NSFW.) * Parachuting Off the Eiffel Tower Has Always Been A Bad Idea It is today. And it definitely was in 1912. * The Game of Kings. Slimy, Cheating Kings. Apparently, cheating at chess is [...]

Buses Loaded With IV Drip Dispensers Make The Rounds In Las Vegas

Taking a trip to Las Vegas can result in gamblers losing the shirt right off their back at the game tables, and that feeling of loss often leads to bouts of binge drinking and self loathing. Good thing the Hangover Heaven buses have come to town! Equipped with IV drip dispensers and a soothing air conditioned [...]

The Shocking Truth About the Las Vegas Strip

I’m going to Caesar’s Palace this weekend. And the Palms Casino. I’ll be flying in to McCarran International Airport. But I won’t actually be in Las Vegas. What is arguably the most famous part of Las Vegas – the Strip – isn’t actually even a part of the town. And neither is the “Welcome to Fabulous [...]

Real Or Photoshop: Amazing CGI Artwork of Girls

Art: (L) Viki Yeo (M) Olivier Ponsonnet (R) Lindsey Heyes Advances in computer graphics have allowed movies to be shot mostly or even entirely on digital backlot (I’m looking at you, Sky Captain and Sin City) – but how about actors? As you can see from this compilation of CG artwork over at DP Shots*, it’s [...]

Pop Culture Alignment

This chart shows the moral alignments of nine pop culture characters using the Dungeons & Dragons alignment system. Rorschach as Chaotic Good? I think that Chaotic Neutral is more likely. And Neutral Good for John Locke at best. Top row, left to right: John Locke of Lost, Dwight from Sin City, Rorschach of Watchmen. Middle row: Indiana [...]