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The Missing Links: T.Hanks A Lot

Trampoline Bridge! Oh. My. God. Trampoline Bridge. Tram. Po. Line. Bridge. That makes me feel like this. Speaking of The Simpsons… * Happy 55th Birthday, Dan Castellaneta Celebrate the birth of the voice of Homer Simpson by discovering four Simpsons controversies that didn’t end in lawsuits. * T.Hanks for the Great Costume Ideas This clip from The Colbert Report is [...]

Get Sketchy With The Simpsons Drawing Club

Lovers of all things Simpsonian should take a gander at a fun new site called the Simpsons Drawing Club, where you’ll discover mind melting masterpieces like the drippy drawing above by Sam Taylor entitled “Melthouse”. Sam is joined by artists such as Jack Teagle and Isaac Lenkiewicz, who’ll be hanging their sketches up on that there [...]

The Missing Links: Springfield’s Most Obscure Residents

Who Doesn’t Love Baron Von Kiss-A-Lot? There have been an astounding 508 episodes of The Simpsons. And nuzzled in among the more well-known characters like Homer, Bart and Flanders is an entire universe of really obscure, rarely seen oddballs. The writers of The Simpsons share their favorites. * Genetically Mutated Butterflies Take Flight It’s been about a year and [...]

Fat And Happy The Simpsons Mug

Fat And Happy The Simpsons Mug – $11.95 You don’t win friends with salad. You win them with wonderful gifts from the NeatoShop and donuts.  This inspirational Fat And Happy The Simpsons Mug features both. Now go forth and make friends. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more deliciously fun Mugs. Link  

The Missing Links: How Are Bald Men Still Living?

“If You Do Anything Stupid You Shall Re Sieve A Gun Short” Twitter user @SamelaAnderson posted this picture, billing it as “LITERALLY THE GREATEST SPAM EMAIL I WILL EVER GET IN MY LIFE”. And I have to admit, it’s fantastically hapless. * Survival of the Hairless Bald men probably have no reason to believe they should perhaps be extinct, [...]

Simphabet: The Simpsons Alphabet

Love The Simpsons? Check out the Simphabets, created by Fabian Gonzalez (who we have featured previously on Neatorama a number of times): Link Now can someone list the entire characters featured? I’m bewildered about that [...]

“Simpsons” Creator Matt Groening’s Dad Was Named Homer, and He Made Movies

Matt Groening created “The Simpsons,” and as we all know, Homer Simpson is the patriarch of the family. Well, Homer was the name of Matt’s dad too…but he wasn’t a doofus. The late Homer Groening was a documentary filmmaker, a WWII pilot, and a writer, among other things. Today I thought I’d [...]

13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually Came True

Four years ago, we published an article called Life Imitates The Simpsons, containing six plots from the TV show The Simpsons which later happened in the real world. In the years since, many more Simpsons plots were prescient of, or else inspired, real-life incidents. Ranker now has a list of 13 Simpsons Jokes That Actually [...]

The First Episode of The Simpsons Aired 22 Years Ago Today

“Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire” originally aired on December 17, 1989. Not long after, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing a Bart Simpson t-shirt. To celebrate the show’s copper anniversary (I’m told copper is the 22nd anniversary), here are some of the Simpsons quizzes we’ve run over the years.

Real Life Imitates The Simpsons: Three-Eyed Fish Caught Near Nuclear Plant

Images: (L) Gentileza Diario Uno/Infobae (R) Simpsons Wiki A group of fishermen in Cordoba caught a mutant fish off a lake near a nuclear power plant that looked like it came straight out of [...]