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How Did King Edward VIII Meet Wallis Simpson?

© Bettmann/CORBIS In the 1930s, how would a middle-class Baltimore divorcee become romantically involved with the man who would be King of England? It always comes down to who you know. And Wallis Simpson knew how to climb the social ladder very effectively. She started at a young age. While at school, she befriended a member [...]

Woman Fired For “Living in Sin”

Could you lose your job because you’re "living in sin" with your boyfriend? That’s what Ashlie Simpson, 31, of Colorado, claimed. She said that her employer Colorado Christian University fired her because of her lifestyle: "I was shocked to learn that CCU was [...]

Every Bart Simpson Chalkboard Quote To Date

To celebrate The Simpson’s upcoming 500th episode, the interwebs is passing around this note straight from Krabappel’s classroom- all 288 of Bart’s chalkboard punishment quotes from the intro! But you have to hit the link to see them all, is the writing really small or is that one ridiculously long chalkboard? Link

Acid Park

Vollis Simpson built a collection of what he calls “whirlygigs” on his property in Wilson, North Carolina, that came to be known as Acid Park. According to an urban legend, Simpson’s daughter died in a car wreck while on LSD and the whirlygigs are her drug-induced visions as interpreted by her father. None of this [...]

A Temple Made From Beer Bottles

Now here’s a place Homer Simpson could really worship, the Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew Temple in Thailand. It’s made from over 1.5 million green Heineken and brown Chang beer bottles. Link

The Lonely Emperor Penguin of New Zealand

Imagine you’re on a warm New Zealand beach, walking your dog, minding your business, when farther along the sand you spot a–no, it’s not a… it is a penguin! Christine Wilton was doing exactly that on Peka Peka beach discovered a young Emperor penguin. “It was out-of-this-world to see it,” she said, ” … like someone [...]

The Quick 10: People With Fake Middle Initials

Maybe fake isn’t exactly correct – some of the people on this list really have initials for middle names, they just don’t mean anything. But others have made them up entirely. Read on to see what I mean. 1. Harry S. Truman. His parents were trying to please both grandpas – Anderson Shippe Truman and [...]

More Not-So-Famous Christmas Firsts

We featured a few holiday firsts last year, and have since dug up a few more to further clutter your mind in between shopping trips. First Rockefeller Center Tree In New York City, the holiday season officially kicks off each year with the ceremonial lighting of a towering Norway spruce in Rockefeller Plaza. Decked out with some [...]

A Mobius Bacon Strip

Just imagine Homer Simpson’s response to this brilliant tee shirt by John Sumrow, “mmm…infinite bacon.” Link via Laughing Squid

Everything Right With The Price Is Right

On November 26, 1956, a television revolution took place. A price-bidding game allowed coupon-clipping housewives to finally feel as smart as the PHD-holding contestants seen on the many quiz shows popular at the time. And when the quiz show scandal of 1959 broke, The Price Is Right managed to maintain its integrity and take its [...]