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90s-Style Cyberpunk Star Wars

For his latest project, custom toymaker Sillof imagined Star Wars in a dark version of the near future: The line is intended to have a 90′s sci-fi aesthetic. It has some elements of Cyberpunk, the Matrix, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, etc. I envisioned the movie as a struggle by a group of [...]

Serial Wars

If you’ve been following Neatorama for awhile, you are familiar with the work of Sillof. His latest line of pop culture figures imagines Star Wars characters if they had been produced in the 1940s era of sci-fi serials. Get a closer view of each character (the bad guys are there, too) at Sillof’s Workshop. Link

West Wars

Sillof, the artist who brought us Steampunk Superheroes, World War II Star Wars, and Samurai Wars, has a new collection of sculptures that sets the personalities from Star Wars into a western story! Read a description of each character and how they came about at his website. Only the “good guys” are pictured here. Link