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Are Geeky Couples More Likely to Have Kids with Autism?

What is a geek? For many people the term is perjorative, but for those who embrace geekdom, being a geek simply means having a thorough knowledge of and passion for a specific topic or activity. These aren’t limited to calculus and Star Wars references, as 80s movies may have kead you to believe, but those [...]

The Company That Quietly Knows Everything About You

Photo: Justin Bolle/The NY Times You probably have never heard of Axciom, but it has heard of you. Actually, not only has it heard of you, it knows all about you: It knows who you [...]

The Start Up IPO That Can’t Fail

Psst! Did the Facebook IPO flop put a dent on your startup’s plan to go public? Don’t fret – perhaps all you need is the appropriate offering. First thing first, though: you need to file Form S-1 to register your [...]

Surprising Insights From Big Data

If you talk to a Silicon Valley-type, chances are the words "Big Data" will pop into the conversation. It’s basically a really, really big dataset of things and facts – and the hot new [...]

Down But Not Quite Out: The "Near Poor" in America

Graphic: The New York Times / Source: U.S. Census Bureau Can you be living on the edge of poverty if you earn more than $50,000 a year? Yes, you can … if you live in Silicon Valley. A new and very surprising [...]

Avoiding Traffic Jams

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Avoiding Traffic Jams … in Russia (highly dangerous and illegal, of course). See another method in this video. Link Today’s pictures & links: Getting some adrenaline in Switzerland: (image via) ———— Interesting Concepts for Duesenberg by Virgil Exner, circa 1964 These renderings were done by Ross Cousins, best known for Cadillac brochure and print advertising: (images via) Second image [...]

Removing Technology from Schools to Improve Education

Hot on the heels of India’s $35 tablet designed to promote education within the country, and the annual new computer purchases for hundreds of public schools across the US, The New York Times printed an article that details the educational standards for children of some of Silicon Valley’s biggest names; surprisingly, the schools in question [...]

Ear Picking

Photo: LiiPo Ching/Mercury News Forget luxurious shampoos, relaxing shaves, and facial treatments at spas. These beauty treatments don’t come close to the Vietnamese art of ear picking: “It brings a lot of happiness,” said Silicon Valley resident Nguyen Tuong Tam, who always heads to a hot toc upon arriving in this city, also known as Saigon. He [...]

Digg: A Cautionary Tale for Web 2.0 Companies?

Redesigns are fraught with potential problems, but it seems that the implosion of Digg after its latest redesign serves as a particularly striking guide of what NOT to do. Daniel Lyons of Newsweek wrote an interesting article about how Digg is a cautionary tale for Web 2.0 companies: Digg’s collapse has become a cautionary tale for so-called [...]

Google Has Self-Driving Cars That Work Today

If you’ve been wondering where your jet-pack is, you may have to settle for Google’s self-driving car. It’s a research project (not in mass production yet), but test cars are already on the road and the New York Times reports that the cars have already driven 1,000 miles without human intervention and over 140,000 miles [...]