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Battle scars reveal head-banger dinosaurs

Scientists have observed signs of violent head-butting on fossil skulls of pachycephalosaurs. This particular species of dinosaur was unusual in that …

Prank Signs of the London Underground

These unauthorized signs may be classified as vandalism, but their presence encourages everyone to pay more attention to the signs, wouldn’t you think? See more of these at imgur. Link -via reddit

Your GPS is Wrong

The old “Do Not Enter” sign just didn’t do the trick. You have to wonder how many problems they had before deciding to post a sign to spell it out for everyone. Then again, if people using GPS don’t read signs, will this help at all? Link

Military dogs show signs of combat stress

Studies show that humans aren’t the only sufferers of PTSD – canines are showing signs of it as well. It’s easy to focus on the men and women who are …

Brilliantly Stupid Sign Graffiti

From Pedobears chasing children to “Stop Hammertime,” some graffiti artists have a great sense of humor. Happy Place has a lengthy collection of these reinterpreted signs for your viewing pleasure. Link

Burial pit Viking had filed teeth

Archaeologists have unearthed viking remains showing signs that the teeth had grooves filed in to them. “It’s difficult to say how painful the process…

14 foot ‘wombat’ complete skeleton found

Diprotodon would have weighed around 3 tons and wandered Australia up to two million years ago. A previously discovered bone fragment showed signs tha…

Pedestrian Detour Translated

A sign on the Georgia Tech campus gets a translation from someone who draws arrows. I guess you could call that person an “arrowsmith.” Note the people in the picture are obeying the signs. Link

Seeking alien life in Earth’s atmosphere

Britain is launching a mission to search for signs of alien micro-organisms in the upper atmosphere. The mission is a joint venture with the European …

NASA fails to contact Phoenix lander on Mars

Things aren’t looking too promising for the Phoenix Lander as several attempts to listen for signs that it is still working have failed. The probe has…