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Moth Trails at Night

Steve Irvine captured this amazing long exposure photo of moth trails at night. The National Geographic explains: Fluttering wings leave lacy trails as moths beat their way to a floodlight on a rural [...]

Ali Vs. Ryu

Photo: Combo-pictures/Flickr Hadouken not withstanding, I agree with urban artist COMBO that Muhammad Ali would totally best Street Fighter’s Ryu. But I’m not so sure about E. Honda. It’s not so easy to defeat [...]

Floppy Disks as Art Medium

“Unidentified” and “A Collection of Memories” by Nick Gentry Nick Gentry uses old floppy disks, VHS tapes, and other antiquated media storage devices as his chosen medium for painting. The subjects tend to be facial in nature, most likely due to the omnipresence of circular mechanisms inherent in such things. From his About section: Throughout history, information [...]

Stormtrooper Artwork

Photo: Pederson Erik Throughout the world (and the web), derivative artwork inspired by the white-armored battlements of the Empire is prevalent. Stormtroopers are instantly cathartic as a medium, bendable to any whim the artist may choose. Twisted Sifter has the collection you’re looking for. Link

The WHY Super-Yacht

When Hermés yacht brand executive Pierre-Alexis Dumas met Wally builder Luca Bassani Antivari they hatched a dream- to combine the terrestrial luxury of your own island with the aquatic bliss of yachting. The fruit of their efforts is WHY (Wally Hermés Yachts), a 36,000 square foot, energy-saving, sustainable yacht unlike any seen before. Antivari: This revolutionary [...]