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An Unusual But Not Too Cruel Punishment

Have you ever been stuck behind a school bus, kids unloading, and gotten a little bit annoyed because you are in a hurry? You probably have. Did you get a creeping temptation to drive around the pedestrian children, avoiding them by driving onto the sidewalk? Didn’t think so. Shena Hardin got that feeling early and often. [...]

Some Of The Ways A Halloween Costume Can Suck

Here’s a clever, and colorful, chart that will help you make sure your Halloween costume doesn’t suck this year. Keep these five points in mind as you’re putting your outfit together, and if you see a sad kid on the sidewalk with a sucky costume give them a bit of advice about how to be a [...]

Walk This Way: The History of the Moving Sidewalk

Authors like H.G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, and Robert Heinlein have long envisioned a future where the automobile gives way to massive, high-speed moving walkways. Some of them merely zoom commuters around cities, while others, like Heinlein’s “mechanized roads,” could take people from Cleveland all the way to Cincinnati. The moving sidewalk is familiar to travelers in [...]

Real Life Pac-Man

(YouTube link) Here’s a ghost story that’s not too scary -because it’s a game of Pac-Man right there on the sidewalk! -via Geeks Are Sexy

The World’s Response to 9/11

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, people in countries all over the world showed sympathy, solidarity, and support for the US as we mourned those we lost. Mental_floss has a roundup of the international reactions to the events. Here’s a small sample: In London, the Star Spangled Banner played during the Changing of the [...]

Accidentally Public Proposal

(YouTube link) Josh Mullins asked Ashlee Baldwin to marry him as soon as she picked him up at the airport. Meanwhile, a local TV news crew was broadcasting just down the sidewalk. The crew spotted Josh and Ashlee in the background of the shot and knew what he was doing. The reporter then just had to [...]

Art From Used Chewing Gum

Most of us only think about chewing gum on the sidewalk when it sticks to our shoes, but if you live in North London, that gum stain on the sidewalk might just be a tiny masterpiece. Artist Ben Wilson has been turning nasty spots of used chewing gum into miniature paintings in the North London neighborhood [...]

Tiny Privacy Curtain Follows Passersby

Artist/inventor Nicklas Roy has a storefront workshop in Berlin. He rigged a little curtain in the front window to follow people passing by on the sidewalk. At the link, you can watch a video of reactions to it. Link via GearFuse