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Vintage Photographs Of Female Sword Swallowers

Everybody likes watching a good sideshow act, and sword swallowing is one of those deadly cool acts that elicits lots of oohs and aahs. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if the performer is a gorgeous gal sporting an eye-catching getup. Enjoy this gallery of vintage photos featuring brave performers risking their lives for the sake of sideshow [...]

The Man With Enchanted Hair

Of all the sideshow freaks I’ve read about — and thanks to research I did for an upcoming book, I’ve read about plenty — none had a more peculiar talent than that of Pierre Messie, a Frenchman who was said to have muscle control over his hair. While “prehensile hair” is a trait that any [...]

NatGeo’s Humanly Impossible: "Human Blockhead" Jason Rydelek Hammers 4-Inch Nail Into His Nose

Jared Rydelek has a rather unusual talent: he can hammer a 4-inch nail into his nose without hurting himself or even sneezing. In National Geographic’s two-part special Humanly Impossible, Jared explains: When I was a kid, I became infatuated with magic. I wanted to be a magician and bought all the magic sets at the toy store [...]