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Boy finds well-preserved body of mammoth

An immaculately preserved mammoth carcass has been discovered in Siberia by an 11-year-old boy. Zhenya Salinder had been walking his dogs in Sopochnay…

Mammoth find offers possible cloning hopes

An expedition has discovered the well preserved remains of a mammoth in Siberia’s Yakutia region. Skin and bone samples were retrieved via a tunnel du…

4 Ridiculous Space Accidents (Where Everyone Survived)

From wolves to lightning strikes, even the most well-planned space flights are often plagued by ridiculous accidents. Sometimes lots of them all in a row. And even more unbelievably, sometimes everyone involved lives. 1. Voskhod 2 Getty Images In the 1960s the Soviets took a great leap forward in the space race when they sent Voskhod 2 into [...]

You Betcha: A “Fargo” Documentary, Yah

“It’s Siberia with family restaurants,” -the Coen brothers explain Minneapolis in this half-hour documentary about their film Fargo. The film, entitled “Minnesota Nice,” explores that eponymous ultra-polite culture of Minnesotans, and how that politeness can be repressive, even leading to violence. Also notable is a discussion of whether the film is entirely fictional [...]

Jim Denevan’s Frozen Art on Lake Baikal, Siberia

We’ve featured giant sand artwork by Jim Denevan before on Neatorama, but the artist is back. This time, Jim and his team traveled all the way to Lake Baikal, Siberia, in order to create [...]

Club of a Hundred Years Old Ladies

Russian women who are 100 years old now lived under the Czar, through the Revolution, endured World Wars I and II, suffered under Stalin, remember the Cold War, experienced glasnost, and now tell us what they think. English Russia has a translation of an article from Russian Esquire, with portraits and stories of seven centenarians, [...]

Link Latte 177

#177 – Week of April 2, 2012 Sad & Spectacular: Decommissioning the Space Shuttles – [wow pics] Errors in Production – [various product fails] Finally! Google Multi-Task Mode! – [we needed it badly] The Construction of A-380: Every Stage – [photo gallery] Gypsy Wagons: Unexpected, Romantic Designs – Cameras can see around corners now – [geek tech] Surprising Brain & Memory [...]

Experts examine Russian ‘UFO fragment’

Space experts have been investigating a strange metallic object that fell from the sky over Siberia. The six-foot object resembles a large dustbin lid…

Live ‘woolly mammoth’ filmed in Siberia

Footage showing what is claimed to be a live mammoth crossing a river in Siberia has appeared online. The video was taken in the Chukotka Autonomous O…

Twisted trees are possible Bigfoot evidence

Strange twisted trees found in Siberia’s Kemerovo region are being hailed as evidence of Bigfoot. An international team of experts who recently embark…