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Space Shuttle Time-Lapse

A beautiful time-lapse of NASA’s shuttle Discovery (STS131) and the space shuttle Atlantis. The screenshot is from the the third and last part of this 50 seconds long video clip: The Sun rises behind space shuttle Atlantis in this time-lapse sequence from July 19, 2011, one of the last days of the historic final mission of [...]

The ISS’s Last View of the Space Shuttle

The space shuttle Atlantis ended its final mission today when it landed in Florida just before 6AM ET. This photograph, showing the shuttle’s final descent path, was taken this morning by the Expedition 28 crew of the International Space Station. See a much larger and more impressive photo at NASA’s website. Link -Thanks, Ned!

Final space shuttle mission draws to a close

The space shuttle Atlantis has successfully touched down at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The crew of four aboard Atlantis lead by Commander Ch…

10 NASA Shuttle Tech Spin-Offs We Can All Use

The shuttle’s days are over, but its impact on daily life is by no means diminished. Since NASA began development of new tech for astronauts, we the people have gotten trickle-down innovations from the science implemented in shuttle missions. PopSci has rounded up ten inventions originally used on the shuttle that are implemented right now [...]

The Late Movies: Space Shuttles

With this morning’s launch of Atlantis, we are coming to the close of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Here are a few videos that pay tribute to these “space trucks” that few so many miles for so many years. Enterprise: Landing Test The prototype shuttle Enterprise conducts an approach and landing test in 1977. Read more about this [...]

European Space Shuttle

With the American Space Shuttle program winding up this year the European Space Agency is unveiling its plans for a reusable spacecraft. The agency is going to start building the unmanned Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle and should be ready for flight in 2013. IXV is quite different from the NASA shuttle, using a lifting body design instead [...]

Stunning images show shuttle at ISS

Astronauts have taken a series of breathtaking images of the shuttle docked at the space station. Taken by crew members aboard the Soyuz TMA-20 as it …

First Pope Phone Call In Space

This past Saturday Pope Benedict became the first pope to call astronauts in space. He talked to the crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavour along with those at the International Space Station. From space, “I think it must be obvious to you that we all live together on this earth and how absurd it is that [...]

Talk Live With Astronauts

This Friday at 3:47 PM (EST) the Space Shuttle Endeavour will take off from Kennedy Space Center on its last flight ever. And, unless current plans change, it will also be the second to last Space Shuttle flight ever (The final flight of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program is scheduled for June 28 of this year, [...]

Space Shuttle Docking with Space Station as Seen from Earth

Sure, we’ve all seen pictures of a space shuttle docking. But this one was taken from Earth using a fairly ordinary telescope guided by hand: This remarkable picture was taken by Rob Bullen on Saturday February 26 from the UK, using an 8.5? telescope. I’ll note that’s relatively small as telescopes go! But the ISS is [...]