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Ride the Solid Rocket Booster (With Headphones)

In this staggering eight-minute video, you take a guided ride on the Solid Rocket Booster alongside the Space Shuttle. The video is interesting but the sound is astonishing — put on your headphones, watch this, and read the YouTube annotations as they pop up (it may help to make the video fullscreen so they’re [...]

Shuttle Xing

Photo: Bill Ingalls/NASA Got traffic jam? Not like Los Angeles, I bet, where the latest traffic jam was caused by a shuttle crossing From NASA: The space shuttle Endeavour is seen atop the Over Land Transporter [...]

How to Steal a Space Shuttle in 7 Easy Steps

Jason Torchinsky realized that although it would be difficult to steal the space shuttle Endeavour from Los Angeles, it was not, technically speaking impossible. The heist will just require some creative thinking, a bit of luck and some money. Read his step-by-step plan at the link. Link -via VA Viper

Space Shuttle Food Truck

The food at the Space Shuttle Cafe isn’t out of this world, but it is in low Earth orbit. It was born in 1944 as a Douglas DC-3 airliner, then converted into a street legal vehicle in 1976. Now it’s like a space shuttle that can prepare fresh chili dogs. Want it? The Space Shuttle [...]

8 Memorable Images from the 1980s

In case you missed the first two installments in this mini-series, here’s the ‘60s post and yesterday’s ‘70s post. Today, of course, we move on to the ‘80s. This is the decade I came of age, as many of you reading this blog did. Hence all our ‘80s-themed quizzes! Some of this will be referenced [...]

NYC Mayor Honors NASA’s Last Space Shuttle Crew

Hard to believe that the final Space Shuttle mission is over and the USA doesn’t have a clear follow up to the shuttle program. However the final shuttle astronauts are being honored in New York City this week, most notably by Mayor Bloomberg. It wasn’t quite a tickertape parade, but the final space shuttle crew was [...]

Fastest Thing On Earth

Link via YouTube Jet? Space shuttle? Bullets? Nope. All wrong. It’s fungi. That’s right. Everyday common field-growing fungi. Richard Hammond of the BBC’s popular car show, Top Gear features the fungi in his trivia-and-brains show Invisible Worlds. Captured in slow motion shooting its spores over two meters at over 20,000 G’s, the Pilobolus spores make the [...]

Drought Reveals Debris From Space Shuttle Columbia In Texas Lake

In 2003 in the wake of the tragic Shuttle Columbia disaster many pieces of the shuttle were recovered in Texas. Now eight years later due to the intense drought in that state, one more piece of debris has been found in in four feet of lake water. The recent drought in Texas has caused water levels [...]

Nations compete in new space race

As NASA’s shuttle program ends other countries are moving forward with their own spaceflight plans. Later this year China is hoping to launch the firs…

Experience the Final Shuttle Mission

You can put yourself into the experience of witnessing the final mission of the space shuttle program with the shuttle Atlantis in a multimedia post at the Neatorama Spotlight Blog. Read about what it was like to be there at liftoff. Listen to the roar of the shuttle and the crowd that saw it launch. [...]