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1 Millisecond into a Nuclear Explosion

Allegedly, this is a photograph of the beginning of a nuclear detonation. It was taken in 1952 during the Tumbler-Snapper tests in Nevada. At this point, the fireball is about sixty-six feet across. How was the photographer able to get a shutter speed fast enough to do it? He used a Kerr cell, which is [...]

Photo Data Makes It A Snap To See What They Did

One of the most amazing things about digital photography is that each image is also a file, storing the information contained in each shot along with the photo, so you can load it up and see aperture settings, shutter speed, ISO, etc. any time you want. Do you want to become a better photographer? Just find [...]

Hummingbird vs. Viper

Photographer Bence Máté snapped this amazing shot in Costa Rica. He writes: I was photographing hummingbirds when I heard the sharp, alarming noise of the birds reacting to the presence of a predator. Sixty feet away from me this green-crowned brilliant was fearlessly attacking a small viper. The long shutter speed and shallow depth of field [...]