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Fresh Guacamole

(YouTube link) Now, isn’t this a delicious-looking recipe! Fresh Guacamole is another of Showtime’s new animated shorts, produced by PES. It’s a followup to his 2008 production Western Spaghetti. Link -via Metafilter


(YouTube link) Cobwebs is an animation sequence full of spiders that Cyrak Harris made for Showtime. Be warned this has seriously creepy imagery, but you would expect nothing less from Cyriak. -via The Daily What

Awesome Fan-Made Dexter Poster

If you like the Showtime series Dexter, you’ll get a kick out of these posters by Mattson Creative: Mattson Creative has taken pen (or mouse more likely) to paper and designed posters to commemorate each iconic season of everyone’s favorite serialized serial killer odyssey Dexter. Even though there is no nude John Lithgow for season 4 [...]

History of the World: Cable TV On, Women’s Shirts Off

Before the Internet became a limitless font of pornography just a mouse click away, late-night premium cable TV was pretty much the best thing ever invented, as far as teenage boys were concerned. And, okay, all those hundreds of other cable channels weren’t bad either. Cable TV started way back in the late 1940s as a [...]