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Today’s Contest: Other ’90s TV Shows That Deserve Sequels

Let’s say you worked at a major TV network. Your job is to revive one show from the 1990s with the original cast, but years later. Not a remake. For example, Bill Simmons and Brian Austin Green recently discussed 9021-Old on a podcast, where the West Beverly alums would be navigating life in their late-30s. [...]

Doomsday Beans

To publicize their TV show Doomsday Preppers, National Geographic sent out this nifty PR box filled with survival goods. One item that caught my eye is this: a can of Doomsday Beans. Well, it’s no [...]

The Secret is Out

(YouTube link) New Brunswick potato farmer Heliodore Cyr had 27 children, and this accomplishment got him onto the TV show “I’ve Got a Secret.” This is his third appearance, in 1959. His wife was too busy to do the show herself. However, a little more digging reveals that not all those children survived infancy. This video [...]

Please Move The Deer Crossing

A caller to the Playhouse in the Morning show on Y94 radio station in Fargo, North Dakota, called in to complain about how the government is putting deer crossing signs on busy roads. The caller, now known as Donna the Deer Lady, [...]

Horseless Horse Jumping

They don’t have to wear saddles or have steel shoes nailed onto their feet, but otherwise, these horseless equestrian competitors are doing just what their four-legged companions do. At a horseless horse show, riders run horse jumping courses: The species of the participants aside, a horseless show is “pretty much the same” as a regular show, [...]

Walter White Custom Figures

DeviantART member Trevor Grove is a fan of the TV show Breaking Bad. He is also quite an artist! Grove made these three 12″ custom figures of Walter White and gave them to Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show. He had to be pleased! See details of each at his gallery. Link -via Laughing [...]

7 Politicians Who Appeared on Game Shows

As we’ve been seeing lately, everything politicians have done since birth ends up being in the news—especially during election time. Game show appearances are no exception, so check out these seven politico contestants. Some did surprisingly well; others should definitely stick to their day jobs. 1. Ronald Reagan on I’ve Got a Secret, 1961 A pre-politics Reagan [...]

NYC’s Hamburger Alley is Burgeriffic!

As previously posted on this blog, a brand new Webseries has launched called Hungry In (New York) (Los Angeles) (Austin) (Phildelphia) (etc). If the rest of the episodes are as good as the first, this YouTube premium channel show might just give traditional media a chomp for its money. Here’s what Tubefilter had to say [...]

25 Beautiful Vintage Theater Posters

The great thing about looking at vintage theater posters is that they not only show us the importance of theater in the time before television, but they also show us what captured the interests of people of the time. Of course, the wonderful artwork alone makes these worth a long look. All images courtesy of the [...]

Hungry In (Your City)?

If you’re into food, you’re going to want to check out this new show on the YouTube premium channel, Hungry. The show is call Hungry In… (New York) (Austin) (Los Angeles) (San Fran) (etc) and is sort of like the Food Network meets the Travel Channel. Awesome concept of exploring a city through the local [...]