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The 13 Loneliest Outhouses on Earth

When you’re looking for an outhouse, they shouldn’t be this hard to find. I understand you want them located away from the main house, but these are far away from anything! However, the locations were probably selected for the incredible views, which make a photo gallery of outhouses something worth looking through. Link (Image credit: Flickr [...]

A Giant Spider Prepares To Dine On A Snake

(YouTube Link) Budding naturalists should take note of what this video demonstrates-a spider’s killer instinct shouldn’t be taken for granted, and they’ll gladly wrap up a meal that may take them a month to polish off just for the sake of convenience. Please note that you shouldn’t put your hand anywhere near those big old spiders you [...]

16 Things You Shouldn’t Microwave

(Video Link) I always knew you shouldn’t put light bulbs in the microwave, but I had no idea that it would look so cool if you did. If you want to see more weird things you shouldn’t put in a microwave (and the strange results), this BuzzFeed article is a good place to start. Link

Awesome 8 Bit Artworks

If you were a gamer during the 80’s, then you know just how amazing 8 bits can look, which is why you shouldn’t be at all surprised by these great 8 bit artworks -impressed yes, but surprised, no. WebUrbanist has plenty more for your viewing pleasure. Link

Companion Cube in the Back of a Jurassic Park Jeep Has Me Confused

Of course, that’s the normal state of affairs anyway, so one shouldn’t be alarmed. Dan Ryckert spotted this apparition and quite properly tweeted: Dear dude in the Jurassic Park jeep that’s transporting a massive companion cube: Can we be best friends? Link via Geekologie | Photo: Dan Ryckert

Amphibious Ice Cream Van

HMS Flake 99 (shouldn’t that be HMAICV?) is sailing through the UK’s rivers, canals, and along its shores to sell its yummy wares. It’s a promotional venture by Cadbury Icecreamland. Just paddle, swim, or sail up and place your order. Link via Gizmodo | Photo: Taylor Herring

Impossible Gears

(Video Link) In the above video, Clayton Boyer shows how oddly-shaped gears can function smoothly. Okay, the square gears shouldn’t be a surprise. But then he moves on to ovals, then fish, and then things that look like Rorschach inkblots. via Gizmodo | Official Website Previously by Clayton Boyer: Create Your Own Amazing Wooden Clock

The World’s Most Invasive Species

If you have a serious phobia of frogs, rats, bees or snakes, you probably shouldn’t read WebEcoist’s article on the most invasive species in the world. On the other hand, if you don’t have any phobias, it’s fascinating to know just how devastating a pair of bunnies ended up being to Australia and how Florida [...]