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How To Trick Yourself Into An Australian Accent

Rise Up Lights, Rise Up Lights, Rise up Lights. Oh man, I have always been terrible at fake foreign accents – no longer. People are probably looking at me funny in the office today because I keep walking around saying this and laughing to myself. Oh well, they’ll get it eventually. This has to be [...]

Chewing Gum is Bad For Your Brain

Gasp! My fourth grade teacher might’ve been right after all – chewing gum in class may actually be bad for you: … scientists at Cardiff University in Wales now find chewing gum can [...]

Why Angry Birds is So Addictive

In this analysis, usability expert Charles Mauro dissects the wildly successful game Angry Birds in order to explain why it’s so engaging — what factors in the game affect human cognition so that we’ll spend hours flinging virtual birds at virtual pigs? I love Mauro’s dry explanation of the game’s premise: … For those who [...]