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The Three Stooges’ 15 Greatest Sports Moments

The Three Stooges wore a lot of hats in their many short films, including athletes of various sports. Each one was an opportunity for chaos! With Leather recommends the greatest scenes of Moe, Larry, and Curly (or Shemp) in football, golf, boxing, horse racing, bull fighting, wrestling, and more. Easily the most entertaining entry in [...]

People in Order

People in Order is a series of four short films in which regular people are portrayed in some sort of order; for example, in the Age film, people from ages 1 to 100 are shown hitting a snare drum. The films were made when filmmakers Lenka Clayton and James Price drove around Britain in [...]

Strange Attractors is a Book About Extraterrestrial Sexuality

A new book is contemplating how extraterrestrials may reproduce. It aims to explore how sexuality might have evolved on other planets and does so with some interesting illustrations and video. How do you think alien sexuality might manifest itself? Strange Attractors is a joint effort between Encyclopedia Destructica and the federally funded Institute of Extraterrestrial Sexuality [...]

Don Hertzfeldt’s Wisdom Teeth

(Video Link) We’ve previously featured cartoonist Don Hertzfeldt’s short films Genre and Ah! L’Amour. One of his latest tales, entitled Wisdom Teeth, is about a man who’s had his wisdom teeth removed. A friend asks to pull out one of his stitches. It starts getting surreal at 3:55. via Geekosystem | Hertzfeldt’s Website

Redefining “Shorts” with Five-Second Films

I’ve been to film school. I’ve been a submissions screener for a major film festival. I have seen more short films than 99% of the rest of humanity, and I know from experience that even a five-minute film can seem very, very long if it’s crappy. That’s why I was excited to hear about a [...]