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Motion Feel

(vimeo link) Once, a short film like this would have been called “experimental.” Now it’s an art form. Shinji Inamoto presents wildly transforming objects for the sake of enjoying the transformations. -via Laughing Squid

Cardboard Kitten Tank

Instructables member TigrisLi make a tank for her kitten out of cardboard, and posted the instructions so you can make one, too! Even if you don’t want a kitty-sized cardboard tank, don’t miss the short film she made of her kitten using it to blow the enemy away. Link -via Laughing Squid

The Day I Met Dave Is Creepy…With Beards

(YouTube Link) The Day I Met Dave is a short film with a creepy surprise, and manages to make a minute and a quarter feel like just enough time to get under your skin. Man, I need to shave! –via Geekosystem


(YouTube link) This little short film appears to be a teaser for a longer story by effects designer Aaron Sims. If he is trying to raise interest in getting a studio to fund a feature film, this is the way to do it. Wouldn’t you like to see the rest of the story? Link -via Geeks [...]

Brush with Death

(Video Link) Two men want to paint, but have different objectives. One is a graffiti artist; the other paints over graffiti. Who will prevail when both have paint powers beyond human understanding? Check out the excellent visual effects in this short film from Corridor Digital. -via The Uniblog | Production Company’s Facebook Page

How to Lose $2400 in 24 Seconds

(vimeo link) It’s a short film. And you’ll probably see the ending coming. We’re sorry, Kurtis Hough. -via reddit

Pac-Man: The Musical

(Video Link) Everything is great about this short film by Random Encounters: the claymation, the sound effects, and most of all, the lyrics. I used to be sympathetic to the ghosts. But now, not so much. They get what’s coming to them. -via Nerd Bastards

Table 7

(YouTube link) A couple having an intimate dinner conversation don’t realize they are being monitored. A short film by Marko Slavnic. -via Everlasting Blort

Zombie’s Day Out

(YouTube link) Even zombies need some carefree down time! A short film by Travis Betz. -via The Daily What

Cool Award Winning Scientific Simulation Videos

(Video Link) Science videos have never looked so cool, thanks to the introduction of 3d visual effects and simulations that make the scientific process geeky fun to watch. Whether you understand what’s happening in each short film or not, the visuals are mind blowing and quite beautiful to watch. You can see all 10 videos over [...]