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Chessdogs Are The Only Hope For The Future

(YouTube Link) What happens when an evil mastermind captures every dog on Earth, enslaving them to use in various nefarious schemes? What kind of name is Stone Steel? And what does chess have to do with anything that happens in this short film? These questions and more will be answered when you watch a silly short film called Chessdogs, [...]

What If Your Friends Really Acted Like Cats and Dogs?

(Video Link) You’d probably get a pet rock. There are behaviors that we tolerate in our pets but no one else in our lives, as this short film by Fatawesome illustrates. -via Daily of the Day | Official Website

The Green Ruby Pumpkin

(vimeo link) The Green Ruby Pumpkin is a delightful (but still scary) Halloween tale told in rhyme. The short film was produced by visual effects artists Miguel Ortega and Tran Ma. You can see a making-of video as well. -via the Presurfer

The Maker

(YouTube link) In this short film by Christopher Kezelos, a rabbit-like creature channels Dr. Frankenstein. But there’s a twist here that Mary Shelley’s work did not have. -via the Presurfer

Bleep Blap Bloop

(vimeo link) Okay, who does better sound effects, men or women? It doesn’t actually matter, as you can enjoy quite a few of each trying their best in this short film by Marcella Coad and Paul Constantakis. (via The Daily What)

ROBBIE, A Scifi Short Made With Footage From NASA

(Vimeo Link) Australian filmmaker Neil Harvey combined original footage and 3D animation with stock footage from the NASA archives to create ROBBIE- a spaced out short film about the robotic beings that help the humans at NASA explore the cosmos. Here’s more on Neil’s process: The film-making process involved downloading about 10 hours of footage from the NASA [...]

With A Piece of Chalk

Hopscotch ain’t what it used to be anymore, folks! Check out this kid’s moves in this wonderful short film by JuBaFilms starring Justen Beer. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Surreal Short Film – Sarah

(Vimeo Link) This dark little mini flick seems like an ad for a short film rather than a film in its own right. That being said, Sarah is moody, compelling and combines audio and video to maximum effect. And if you can’t spare a minute of your life to watch a weird short film then stop being so [...]

Shooter Game from the Perspective of the Bad Guys

(Video Link) He’s almost indestructible. I mean, you’ve got to pour dozens of rounds into him before he dies. Then he comes back to life, over and over again. What is this monster? In this funny short film by Fatawesome, the villains try to cope with a video game in which they are expendable, but the [...]


(YouTube link) From reading British blogs and news sites, this is exactly the impression I have of modern England. CCTV cameras are everywhere, and in this short film, they never forget, and never give up. This is another of the Max X series by Ant Carpendale and Dave Parker. -Thanks, Ant!