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Nixon-era cheese to sell for $10 an ounce

Edward Zahn discovered blocks of cheese up to 40 years old at the back of his cheese shop’s cooler. The cheese was stored in wooden boxes that had bee…

Accio Comfort and Warmth!

Jennifer Ofenstein likes to make Harry Potter quilts and she even sells them at her Etsy shop. This one might just be the best of the bunch, but it’s hard to decide with so many other options out there -we’ve even featured her quilts before. Link via Geek Crafts

Just Like Pawn Stars

A sign spotted outside a pawn shop. Apparently, not everyone in the pawn business is eating that well. Yes, I know, it should be “fewer” fat guys. Link

Nonchalant Robber Held a Cup of Coffee During Robbery

Most robbers use knives or guns to rob a convenience store, but not this guy. Instead, he used nonchalant badassery: The masked raider walked into the shop holding a mug of black coffee [...]

The Dilemma

Where I shop for groceries, shopping carts require a 25 cent deposit, so everyone returns them! This Twaggie was illustrated from a Tweet by @hayeslady. See new Twaggies every day at GoComics! Link

A Starbucks Coffee Shop Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen Before

In Fukuoka, Japan, there exists a Starbucks coffee shop unlike anything you’ve seen before. The Starbucks in the city’s main path to the Shinto shrine Dazaifu Tenmangu, is decorated with 2,000 wooden sticks, woven [...]

Lampshades Made from Recycled Coffee Filters

These would be great for a hip coffee shop! Etsy seller Vilma Farrell uses old coffee filters to add colors and shapes to lampshades. Link -via Dude Craft

Woman falls in love with Statue of Liberty

A 27-year-old shop assistant suffers from a rare condition that makes her fall in love with objects. Amanda Whittaker first fell in love with the stat…

Teen Life in 1947 Iowa

Photo: George Skadding/LIFE Archives Ah, the life of a teenager. Long before the era of Facebook, texting, and clubbing, there’s the hopping soda shop scene. LIFE photographer George Skadding documented the lives of Iowa [...]

The Twelve Shoppers of Christmas

The Joy of Tech sorts out the folks who shop -or don’t- for Christmas gifts. You can see a larger version at the site if the print is too small here. Which one are you? Link -via Nag on the Lake