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Are They Still Cool When They’re On Feet?

I desperately hope the next Doctor will be a female, but in the meanwhile, at least I can imagine myself as Matt Smith’s version with these awesome shoes. Link

Doctor Who Shoes

Not only do these shoes look great, but they’re going to last forever thanks to their regenerative abilities -well, at least, the one on the left will. Link

Can These Kicks Help You Traverse Through Space & Time?

Yes, I know, bigger on the inside…but silly TARDIS joke aside, these shoes are seriously awesome -especially in how simple the design is. You can actually get your own over on Etsy -if you’ve got an extra $100 for some Chucks. Link Via The Daily What

Dogs Dressed Up For The Holidays

Most of the dogs in this gallery have an expression on their face that says “Why me? What did I do to deserve this?”, and all this dressing up business is clearly giving them a case of the holiday blues. Owners, don’t be surprised if these dogs have left some presents of their own in [...]

Get Back To Work, Mr Panda!

(Video Link) I know pandas are lazy, but this guy makes recreation into an art. I think we could all take a lesson from him on how to kick our shoes off after a hard day at work. Link

Heels Inspired By Alice In Wonderland

These intricately-designed high heels might not be the most functional shoes in the world, but they are certainly eye-catching and fun. Would any of you fashion-forward neatonaut ladies wear these or do they look too hard to walk around in? Oddee has a variety of other items inspired by Alice in Wonderland at the link. Link

Duck Walk

Oh, nothing special, just a duck walking through Beijing showing off its shoes. Link -via Buzzfeed (Image credit: China Foto Press/Barcroft Media)

Adidas’ Freaky Star Wars Ads

Dorothy Tang composed a series of posters to advertise Adidas’ line of Star Wars-themed shoes. They’re really weird. Tang’s work reflects the classic movie posters, except with oddly-shaped children. You can view three more at the link. Link via Geekosystem

High Heels

I ran across some strange shoes today…well actually high heels. I think the picture says it all, but there’s some interesting tidbits after the link:  NYT on the Paris Fashion Week Killer Shoes