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Slauerhoffbrug: The Bridge That Looks Like It’s Flipping Pancakes

Betcha never seen a bridge like this one: the Slauerhoffbrug (Slauerhoff Bridge) in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, uses two arms to swing a section of the road in and out of place to let ships [...]

Remains of War

What happens to all of our tanks, planes and ships when the war is over? It seems that a lot of them are left on the battlefield to rust and rot as seen in this interesting collection of photos. See the full gallery at the link. Link

The Biggest Ships in the World (DRB Series)

DRB SeriesLink Can’t rock these boats… only stare at them in stupefied amazement What some of these ships may lack in finesse (though most of them are technological marvels), they make up in sheer unadulterated SIZE. Enjoy the fascinating facts and wide-format images in this highly popular series: First, The Biggest Ships in the World series proper (which [...]