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4 Times Olympians Refused Their Medals

Getty Images South Korean fencer Shin A-Lam provided one of the indelible images of the 2012 London Olympics when she staged an hour-long, tearful protest after losing to Germany’s Britta Heidemann in an individual epee semifinal match. Shin’s coach claimed Heidemann’s winning hit came after the final second on the clock, which was being controlled by [...]

Homemade Satellite

Photo: Kim Hong-Ji/Reuters Most people don’t associate the word "satelitte" with "homemade," but that’s exactly what South Korean artist Song Hojun did. He made a $500 homemade satellite by rummaging through back alley electronics [...]

“Midget Revenge Is The Only Form of Revenge That Works These Days”

There’s a thin line between love and hate, and right at that line is this strange but true story of how a South African man is looking to hire a midget to kick his [...]

Kim Jong Il, the Director He Kidnapped, and the Awful Godzilla Film They Made Together

Late Sunday, the Associated Press reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il has died of heart failure. He was 69. The following story about the former dictator originally appeared in mental_floss magazine back in 2006. © kcna/Xinhua Press/Corbis by Jessica Royer Ocken When your work hits a wall, it’s natural to seek new inspiration. The less natural [...]

The Boring, Mundane Things We Do In Video Games

I’ve noticed a bizarre trend recently that in video games often seemingly mundane tasks are required of the player. In fact  in some online games the entire point is to work in a store or restaurant. (Seriously.)  That’s why I was delighted to see this post on the boring things we do in video games. [...]

The Rubik’s Fix – Cubes, Spheres & More

“QUANTUM SHOT” #655Link – article by M. Christian and A. Abrams Rubik Cubed… Quintipled… Warped… Unless you were asleep during the 1980s you should immediately recognize this six-sided, six-colored puzzle. Created by Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Ernő Rubik in 1974, his cube soon spread across the globe: entertaining – but more than likely frustrating [...]