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Millenials Say Thanks But No Thanks to Cars and Houses

Every generation is different, but in America, there’s one thing that is constant: our love of cars. Owning a car has been a celebrated rite of passage for Americans since, … well, since the [...]

Reading Shakespeare Enhances Your Ability to Think

Do you ever feel mentally sharper after reading high literature? Philip Davis, an English professor at the University of Liverpool, does–particularly after reading works by William Shakespeare. The way that the Bard structured lines–what Davis calls the “functional shift”–seems to prime the mind. Davis wanted to know if this was a scientifically verifiable phenomenon. So [...]

Webchat Went Horribly, Hilariously Wrong

A young Chinese man was pulling a late shift working and he decided to have a little webchat with his girlfriend … when things went horribly, oh, so horribly wrong. See what happened (no knowledge of Chinese required, you’ll get it): Link

How Cars are Turning You Into Crappier Drivers

If everyone had to learn how to handle a stick shift, parallel park, and find their way around first, then the new automatic systems would be an assist instead of an excuse to drive without thinking. Let’s take a look at some ways technology does the driving for you. The roads have already been laid out [...]