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Bat Smoothies

Bev Brown runs the Ashburton Wildlife Shelter in Victoria, Australia, home to endangered grey-headed flying foxes. In this gallery, you’ll see a 12-week-old bat named Camilla enjoy Bev’s special fruit smoothies she makes as a treat for the animals on hot days. Who knew you could drink a smoothie while hanging upside-down? Link -via Metafilter (Image [...]

Meet Garfield, the 40-Pound Cat

Garfield recently came to live at the North Shore Animal League shelter in Long Island, New York, when his elderly owner died. Shelter staff have him on a carefully restricted diet now. How did a cat get to forty pounds? Maybe Garfield was eating lasagna like his namesake! Buzzfeed has lots more pictures of the [...]

ISS crew take refuge in escape capsules

The crew of the International Space Station took shelter when space debris was detected nearby. The exercise was mostly a safety precaution and has ha…

…But the Cat Came Back

Plucky Andrea the stray cat used up a couple of her nine lives, but would not succumb to the animal shelter’s attempts to euthanize her. Officials at West Valley City’s animal shelter in Utah say the cat named Andrea hadn’t been adopted for 30 days when shelter officials tried to put her to death in October. [...]

Rescue Cat Saves Shelter

Daniel the shelter cat only has 26 toes, which is not enough to earn him a world record, but is certainly more than you or I have! The polydactyl cat was taken in by the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center when shelter owner Amy Rowell spotted him at the pound, and now Daniel has returned the [...]

Mutated Cat Rescues Animal Shelter

Daniel is quite an extraordinary kitty. While his 26 toes aren’t enough to earn him a Guinness Book title (he’s two toes short), they were enough to help him save the shelter he currently calls home. That’s because the shelter that took him in was facing some hard times after their landlord doubled their rent. Fortunately, [...]

Urban Survival Vest

(Video Link) Are you prepared to shelter in place for a few weeks? Are you ready to get out of your area quickly with all of the equipment that you need? What disaster scenarios are you ready for? Like the Boy Scouts say, be prepared. This man is and he will tell you how to be ready [...]

Kitten Dropped into Landfill by Hawk

A tiny black and white kitten was found at a dump in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and taken to the local SPCA shelter. He had been dropped there by a red-tailed hawk! “He was dropped by the hawk from not a great height, so he didn’t suffer any broken bones. He has a slightly injured foot, which [...]

Better Homes and Bunkers

Are any of you old enough to recall the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962? The world came close to a nuclear war and kids like me participated in nuclear attack drills in which we were instructed to hide under our desks at school. I still remember the sound of the air raid sirens. This was [...]

Cubicles for the Homeless

Entrepreneurs in Tokyo have developed “capsule” hotels with coffin-like cubicles for those needing shelter. They aren’t free: The rent is surprisingly high for such a small space: 59,000 yen a month, or about $640, for an upper bunk. But with no upfront deposit or extra utility charges, and basic amenities like fresh linens and free use [...]