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Sheldon The Big Bang Theory Plush Doll

Sheldon The Big Bang Theory Plush Doll – $14.95 (front and back shown) Attention The Big Bang Theory fans! Do you dream of cuddling up with you favorite The Big Bang Theory character? Now you can with the Sheldon The Big Bang Theory Plush Doll from the NeatoShop. This geektastic plush even comes with a smugly [...]

Chinese Product Placement in The Big Bang Theory

by Yiping Yang/Latitude News American companies place products in films and television shows all the time. Now Chinese brands are also getting into the act, placing their products in American movies and television programs that Chinese viewers watch. The Big Bang Theory is an example. The show consistently attracts high ratings among American viewers. It is also [...]

Three-Sided Chess

Three-person chess, a game mentioned on by Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, is now a reality. It requires a specialized board, but other than that, you can just follow the rules at the link. Here’s an overview from the creators: The only changes from conventional chess are some protocol issues that must be followed to [...]