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Sheep with upside-down head caught on film

Footage of a sheep that appears to have an upside-down head has been circulating the Internet. The video was taken by 30-year-old Allen McNamara who h…

Sheep to send text messages about wolves

Sheep in Switzerland could soon be able to raise the alert via text message when attacked by wolves. The system works by placing a collar on the sheep…

Bunny Herds Sheep With The Best of Them

(Video Link) Silly rabbit, herding sheep is for dogs, not herbivores. Via io9

Sheep Cyclone Would Actually Be a Pretty Good Horror Movie

(Video Link) And from that day on, none of them could look at a woolen scarf without breaking out in a cold sweat. The sheep. They’re coming for you. -via Geekosystem

Psychic sheep predicts rugby victory

Move over Paul the octopus – an allegedly psychic sheep has now taken centre stage. Known as “Sonny Wool”, the sheep has been hailed as psychic after …

Dolly scientist to clone Scottish wildcats

Dr Bill Ritchie who helped clone Dolly the sheep is now working on cloning the rare Scottish wildcat. Wildcats are thought to have a population as few…

Cubies Go to Oktoberfest

(YouTube link) Cubies are German 8-bit characters: a cow, a chicken, a sheep, and a robot “toy.” In this silly but catchy video, they sing about going to Oktoberfest. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Sheep found stuck on roof of house

The fire brigade were called in Wales to rescue a sheep that had ended up on the roof of a house. “I was sitting in my lounge watching television when…

Hey, There’s a Sheep on Your House!

Firefighters in Bridgend, Wales, were called to a home in Pontycymer because a sheep had been spotted walking around on the roof. A fireman at the scene said, “We have never had anything like that before, though we have found sheep in some difficult places. “It was running back and forward on the roof, but eventually it [...]

True Loves

(YouTube link) If the sheep animation by Cyriak was too creepy for you, check out his work with isometric fractals on this music video for the song “True Loves” (Cereal Spiller Remix) by Hooray For Earth. -via The Daily What