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The Many Controversial Faces of Barbie

Barbara Millicent Roberts has weathered her share of bad press — impossible proportions, that nasty split from Ken, and of course, her sometimes questionable choice of clothing. But those little scandals hardly scrape the surface when you consider allegations of racism, abrief foray into cross-dressing (shown above, ‘Drag Queen’ Barbie), and her unwed, pregnant cousin. [...]

Your Case Mod Wants to Step Out On the Town

I’ve seen my share of case mods, but this one is seriously impressive. Of course, while it looks amazing, it also seems like a huge pain in the butt to actually use on a real basis. I mean, who has room for this thing on their desk? Link Via Geekosystem

The Muppets Attempt to Sing “Danny Boy”

In this short video, the three least articulate Muppets share their brilliant, touching interpretation of “Danny Boy.” Not a dry eye in the house: See also: Muppets Singing Classic Songs.

The Number of the Day: 250

Starting today, fans of the Green Bay Packers can purchase an official share of stock in the team for $250. The FAQs at offer further details for any Cheesehead thinking about getting into the world of professional sports ownership: You will not receive any special benefits with respect to tickets, preferential seating or discounts on [...]

The Worst Campaign Songs Ever

We’ve all heard our share of songs being used in terribly inappropriate manners, but sometimes the worst violations are those involving political campaign soundtracks. Mental Floss has a collection of some of the most memorable, most of which are really bad. Can you imagine Saddam Hussein campaigning to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love you?” Now [...]

How To Make Your Own Death Star Dress

Now that you’ve probably seen your good share of Comic Con costumes, I’m sure you’ve seen this great Death Star dress. If you want to make your own, the creator can give you some tips over on the Official Star Wars Blog. Link Via Craftzine

Harry Potter Theme Weddings

Geeky-themed weddings are always fun and I have seen my share of superhero, Renaissance and Star Wars weddings around the blogosphere, I hadn’t seen many Harry Potter weddings until now. Fortunately, The Mary Sue has a great round up of these adorable occasions and the photos are simply adorable. Link

10 Really Unlucky People

It seems that some people go around with a little dark cloud hanging over them. These are the unlucky ones. Here are ten of the unluckiest people ever! This poor man went from the lucky co-incidence of winning a $ 16.44 million lottery in Pennsylvania, to being $ 1 million under debt in just one year. [...]

Disney to Acquire Marvel Comics

The Walt Disney Company has agreed to buy Marvel Entertainment, which includes 5,000 comic book characters, including Spiderman, Captain America, the X-men, and the Fantastic Four. Under the terms of the agreement and based on last week’s closing price of Disney, Marvel shareholders would receive a total of $30 per share in cash plus approximately 0.745 [...]