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The Astonishing Portal Gun

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. The Astonishing Portal Gun Just when you thought that building an extra-dimension portal gun was a great idea… Reminds us of the 1940s Robert A. Heinlein story “And He Built a Crooked House”. See better quality version on Link Today’s pictures & links: Extreme Speakers Made From Supercar Exhaust System iXoost iPod dock [...]

Zhang Huan’s Meat Battledress

Photo: Zhang Huan Move over, Lady Gaga! There’s a new meat dress going ’round the Interweb called Bacon Armor (Thanks Geeks Are [...]

Fake Police Academy in China

China has got fake handbags, fake watches and even a fake Apple store, but this "fake" takes the cake: Fake Police Academy. The Jiamusi People’s Police Academy, Shandong province branch, [...]

Chinese Villagers Bring Home Natural Gas in Giant Plastic Bags

Too poor to afford heating oil, villagers in Shandong, China, go to nearby oil extraction facility and bring home some natural gas inside a giant balloon: On the morning of the 20th, when reporters first arrived, the oil [...]

Lamborghini Owner Hires Sledgehammer Gang To Destroy Car Pictures 2011

An angry Lamborghini owner hired a team of men with sledgehammers to destroy the super car after dealers allegedly failed to repair it. The Lamborghini Gallardo L140 luxury sports car had recurring problems after the owner purchased it in China last October. But the owner claims that, instead of fixing the problem, the dealer made it worse, [...]