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Exotic Dancers, 1890s

These portraits of exotic dancers of the 19th century probably appeared scandalous at one time, but they are SFW. What is fascinating is that, outside of wearing corsets, these professional exotic dancers display the size and shape of average women who would never be offered a professional position in entertainment today. See the entire collection [...]

How to Build a Urinal out of SNES Games

Got 40 SNES games and a little spare time? Then you, too, could be the proud owner of a urinal made from old video games. And it really works – there’s a video of it in action if you follow the link (don’t worry – it’s SFW). Link via Geekologie

The Best in Sexual Harassment Stock Photography

Do you need a stock photo to illustrate some point in a presentation? Specifically, that you shouldn’t grope your co-workers? Stock photo companies try to meet all sorts of needs, including this one. Abe Sauer of The Hairpin rounded up some of the oddest pictures of sexual harassment from stock photo archives, and this picture [...]