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Craigslist Vampire

A man in Seattle posted something very strange on the Craigslist Personals section. It wasn’t a risque photo or any exclusively sexual request, he wanted blood. To drink. Because he’s a vampire. Well blood and sex, this is still Craigslist guys. “Greetings to everyone who is reading this,” he begins, “I am unable to give my [...]

Australian Couple Charged under Environmental Protection Act for … Noisy Sex

With the complaint that listed "screaming, loud moaning, swearing and raised voices," Colin MacKenzie and Jessica Angel became the first couple charged with offenses under Australia’s Environmental Protection Act for … noisy sex: Police patrols [...]

Dot-WTF? These Top-Level Domains Could Be Coming Your Way

In June, ICANN announced that over 1,400 new generic top-level domain names (in other words, .wedding, .sex, and .lawyer) were under consideration to join the familiar .com and its kin. Weirdness has ensued. A Brief Technical Lesson In the world of web domains, there are two crucial parts: the Domain Name itself (like “mentalfloss”) and [...]

How Male Beetles Attract The Ladies: The Smell of Sex and Death

We all know that in order to attract mates, we need to smell good. But for the hide beetles (Dermestes maculatus), smelling good with sex pheromones is not enough. They need an extra oomph [...]

Tennessee Bans Hugging and Other Gateways of Sexual Activity

Hugging? What’s next? Kissing, sex, and babies out of wedlock, that’s what! To prevent teen pregnancy, Tennessee has passed a bill promoting abstinence-only sex education and banning "gateway of sexual activity" by students. [...]

Bird’s rare sex change stuns zoo

A Silver Pheasant at a zoo in Bombay has undergone a rare sex conversion, stunning zoo officials. Although no anatomical changes have occurred, the on…

AISOS – World’s First Sex School Opens in Austria | Sex Education

Most Brits think it’s an activity best learned behind closed doors. But an enterprising Swedish schoolmistress thinks otherwise. Ylva-Maria Thompson has opened the world’s first international sex school to teach its students how to be better lovers. The Austrian International Sex School in Vienna offers ‘hands on’ lessons in seduction for £1,400 a term. The ‘headmistress’ says anyone over [...]

Robert Crumb’s Rejected New Yorker Cover

The New Yorker rejected this great same sex marriage cover art by Robert Crumb, so he subsequently declined to do any more work for the magazine. I think Robert Crumb is an unlikely candidate for New Yorker cartoonist, because his illustrations are neither boring nor conservative enough for the average subscriber, but what do you [...]

The Nazi Sex Doll Initiative

It appears the Third Reich pioneered one of the weirder sides of human sexuality—catering to the need of lonely men to have intercourse with inflatable playthings. According to Mussolini’s Barber, a new book by Graeme Donald documenting bizarre episodes from military history, the Nazi sex doll project was launched in response to concerns that German soldiers [...]

Men Don’t Just Think About Sex. They Think About Sex, Food, and Sleep

I’m sure you’ve heard of the old urban legend that guys think about sex every seven seconds. What a load of sexist poppycock! Guys don’t only think of sex. They only think of sex, food, and sleep: The median number of thoughts about sex by college-age men was 18 times a day to women’s 10 times [...]