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New Star Wars Animated Series – Detours

(YouTube Link) From one of the guys that brought you a little scifi franchise called Star Wars (George Lucas) and one of the guys responsible for the toy-motion bonanza known as Robot Chicken (Seth Green) comes a very new animated series – Star Wars: Detours. Your favorite wacky space characters are given a shiny new look, big [...]

My Little Four Ponies of the Apocalypse

Pictured above is Pestilence Pony from the television show Robot Chicken. It was used for a particular sketch featuring the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the Book of Revelation (6:1-8) as My Little Pony toys. Seth Green, one of writers and producers of Robot Chicken, is promoting an online petition to convince Hasbro to [...]

7 Modern Werewolves You Need To Know

Time to get in the mood for Halloween! While werewolves predate Greek mythology, the story of Lycaon is still one of the earliest examples of a man shapeshifting into an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature. If you recall, Lycaon was transformed into a wolf after eating human flesh. Skip ahead to our times and shapeshifters abound on [...]

Go Go (Inspector) Gadget Facts!

If you grew up in the ’80s and early ’90s and had access to Nickelodeon, no doubt you found yourself watching Inspector Gadget at one point or another. The cartoon about a bumbling detective and his genius niece Penny and her dog Brain who are constantly saving the day only ran for two seasons, but [...]

1987 Dating Video

This completely hilarious montage of circa 1987 video dater men was featured on Boing Boing yesterday, and as one commenter mentioned, the guy at 3:34 was a dead ringer for Seth Green. Upon second viewing, I noticed that the guy at 2:27 looks and sounds like Seth Rogen. That got me thinking. Is the Seth Green [...]