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Catholic Church sets up an exorcist hotline

The new phone service has been set up in Milan in an effort to help deal with increasingly high demand. According to the diocese’s chief exorcist Mons…

Dumb Ways to Die

(YouTube link) This too-cute public service announcement is an ad for Metro Trains Melbourne. They eventually include some warnings about the danger of trains. Stay safe. -via Pleated-Jeans

The Early History of 5 Spy Agencies

Most intelligence agencies in the U.S. government were formed to solve specific problems, or evolved from preceding organizations. There wasn’t always an FBI, for example. Before its founding, there was the Bureau of Investigation, whose members were drawn from the Secret Service. Most agencies operate in blackout conditions, and it takes a lot of work [...]

Quiz: Secret Service Codenames

GQ reported this morning that Paul Ryan’s Secret Service codename is “Bowhunter.” Mitt Romney is “Javelin,” Barack Obama is “Renegade,” and Joe Biden is “Celtic.” But how much do you know about other Secret Service codenames? Take this quiz to find out. But be quick… it will self-destruct in 30 seconds. Take the Quiz: Secret Service [...]

A Cute Cartoon That Explains How Cryptocat Works

(Vimeo LINK) Cryptocat Adventure! was made by Nadim Kobeissi, the creator of the Cryptocat encryption service, to explain how his service works, and why it’s better way to safely video chat and transfer files online. Aside from being informative, this pixelated animated short is also really cute! –via BoingBoing

Yo! Van Fleet

Virgin Media names all their service vehicles. According to the comments at reddit, they have Lee Van Cleef, Marlon Vando, Van Morrison, Van Diesel, Luther Van Dross, Julie Vandrews, Jeanne Claude Van Damme, Van Helsing, Humphrey GoKart, Van Solo, and International Van Of Mystery in addition to the vehicle shown. The rest of the comments  [...]

Stock Photos for Album Covers

Monkeon wondered what if record labels, instead of hiring artists and photographers and making expensive concept covers for record albums, had just entered the album title into the search field on a stock photo service. It would have saved time and money, and since he went ahead and tried it himself, the covers would have [...]

One Third of Waiters Consciously Provide Poor Service to Black Customers

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence of waiters at restaurants delivering less than stellar service to black patrons, but a recent research study put hard numbers behind the phenomenon of "tableside racism": "Many people believe [...]

Words Of Wisdom From Star Wars

This public service announcement was brought to you by Star Wars, where things almost went horribly wrong between siblings Luke and Leia. If you’d like to further explore this incestual possibility check out Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye, a novel by Alan Dean Foster which was published in 1978 and takes place between Episode IV: A [...]

Secret Cookie Service

Well, sometimes you just need a cookie. But you’re in college during exam week and you just can’t go to the store … who you gonna call? The Secret Cookie Service, of course: A UCSD [...]