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R2-D2: A Dancing Machine

Man R2-D2 is on fire lately. Seriously though, this rave-bot has some good moves. Here is the video of ZOE in action, also more photos here. Made by Podpad Studios. They have also made a Dalek, so yeah. There is that. -Via Obvious Winner

The Missing Links: Life at the Fair

LIFE at the Fair Check out these shots from their photo gallery of shots taken at a 1930s fair, a collection that includes this baffling shot of chimps in little cars. * Will Ferrell. In Sweden. Drinking Old Milwaukee. Makes perfect sense, right? * You Just Never Know: Do We Actually Live In A Giant Computer Simulation? You wouldn’t [...]

Aziz Ansari Understands Us Net Nerds

(Video Link) Seriously, how many of you can relate with this? I guess he knows the audience he’s advertising his comedy downloads to. Via Laughing Squid

200+ Killer Comic Con Costumes

Last week, Jill posted 65 Seriously Great Comic Con Costumes here at Neatorama. But she took hundreds of photographs at Comic-Con! If you are jonesing for more fans dressed as comic book, video game, TV, or movie characters, you can see (or find links to) a lot more in a massive photo post at Rue [...]

Dream Bookshelf

I should ask Jill to seriously add this to her fun 18 Seriously Cool Bookshelves and Bookcases post on Neatorama. Behold the Dream Bookshelf by Dripta Roy: Link

Fashion Statement: Dead Cicadas in Hair

I found this image on WTF Japan, Seriously!? with no description. A bit of Googling led me to a 2008 post on Pink Tentacle explaining that a young celebrity in Japan who goes by the name Shokotan had taken to decorating her hair with dead cicadas. But keep in mind: that was three years ago, which [...]