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Pasta Art

Given the right noodles and enough time, Sergey Pakhomov can build anything out of pasta: Sergey made his first pasta car five years ago. “It all started with my work on an advertising campaign for a macaroni making factory. The campaign developed into a hobby,” he said. It took the man three years to build his pasta town. Link [...]

DRB Pic of the Day

“DRB Pic of the Day” Link Lovely Steampunk / Art Nouveau Ring Fantastic, sophisticated ring, designed by Sergey Zhiboedov – it’s inspired by the antique Greek architecture and true classic style, and includes 14k gold figures of the Atlant (male) and the Caryatid (female) giants supporting an amazing 9mm freshwater pearl: (image credit: Sergey Zhiboedov) And… we need [...]

Scientist creates ice age park in Siberia

Russian scientist Sergey Zimov is reintroducing ice age animals in to the wilds of Siberia. He hopes that by doing so he will be able to demonstrate h…

Wood-Chip Sculptures of Sergei Bobkov

The bird seems frozen. The wings are spread wide. Looking so alive, it seems almost unbelievable that it is made of cembra pine wood chips. Artist Sergey Bobkov spent half a year to produce this wonderful eagle, working with practically no days off, 10 to 12 (and sometimes even 14) hours a day. No wonder! [...]

10 Neat Facts About Google

Google in 1998 (notice the exclamation mark) Sure, everybody knows that Google was created by Stanford Ph.D. students Larry Page and Sergey Brin who became gazillionaires. But did you know that Google’s first storage device was cobbled together with LEGO? Or that Google’s first investor wrote a $100,000 check even before the company officially existed? Or [...]