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Archive: October 2012

Huge Off-Highway Road Trains All set to conquer the Moon, Mars (almost!) Crazy Logistics: People Trying to Do Things (Funny Pics) Incredible Feats of Strength and Imagination! Unusual and Fascinating Coins & Currency, Part 2 Coins with pieces of the Moon in them! Monstrous, Angelic, Unusual Bridge Sculptures Griffins, trolls, hamsters of all sorts “Tatra” Car & Other Aerodynamic Marvels, Part 2 Futuristic Shape [...]

13 Vintage Photos Of Hurricanes And Their Aftermath

As Hurricane Sandy makes landfall on the East Coast, here’s a look back at other dramatic hurricanes in American history. Galveston, Texas Hurricane, September 1900 This hurricane was the deadliest in U.S. history—the estimated death toll was 8000 (to compare, 1800 people died during Hurricane Katrina). Damage to a church. The hurricane, which had a storm [...]

Archive: September 2012

Fascinating Chemistry Photos Fantastic visuals at a point where science intersects art Awesome Vintage Calculators Highly desirable objects of technological genius “Flying Saucer” Soviet Architecture in Caucasus Truly “The House on the Borderland” Unintentional Faces in Objects, Part 2 There are some “things” in your house… Ghost Towns of the Pacific Northwest: Bordeaux, Washington Exploring Abandoned Places in the Land of Myst Up, Up and [...]

World War I Centennial: Montenegro Pledges War

The First World War was an unprecedented catastrophe that killed millions and set the continent of Europe on the path to further calamity two decades later. But it didn’t come out of nowhere. With the centennial of the outbreak of hostilities coming up in 2014, Erik Sass will be looking back at the lead-up to the [...]

September 11th and the Hospitable People of Gander

Immediately after the attacks of September 11th, eleven years ago today, Operation Yellow Ribbon went into effect. Airline flights were diverted to Canadian airports in small towns in order to neutralized any danger as much as possible. One of those airports was in Gander, Newfoundland. The tiny town only boasted 10,000 residents, but what it [...]

Obama vs. Romney Slugging it out on the Cover of The Atlantic

The Atlantic wanted to do create something different for its September 2012 cover, and got the idea to picture Obama slugging it out with Romney in the ring. Should be simple, right? Well, 9 hours of photo shoot with [...]

Latex Star Trek Uniforms

Comic Con comes to Montreal September 14-16. Our friends at Geeks Are Sexy will be there, and tell us that the company Poison Candy Latex will be there to unveil their new line of Star Trek latex cosplay clothing. That will be a sight! Link

Archive: November 2011

The World’s Largest Ship Propellers Steel behemoths propelling huge ships Heavy Machinery in Trouble! (Wow Pics) The heavier they are, the harder they crash Surreal Art Update: Glass Garage Gallery Not afraid of “pretty”, but still pretty weird Luigi Colani Radical Designs Update These forms cry out “FUTURE!” in a way that cannot be ignored. Wild’n'Wooly Printer Concepts Printers cannot always be evil. Here [...]

Archive: October 2011

Journey into the MicroWorld Epic “Fantastic Voyage”-like quest & photography combination Alternative to Pumpkins It’s a Dog’s Life! (Funny Pics) Dogs ready to kill you… almost Treasures of Art Nouveau, Part 1 “The terrifying and edible beauty of Art Nouveau architecture.” Glorious Retrofuture from Japan Plus super-fantastic toys attack! Unique Sidecars Showcase Splendid sidecars & passenger capsules The Most Surreal Insect on Earth A real insect, which [...]

Archive: September 2011

Architectural Blunders & Atrocities Drunk Builders and Mad Architects, Part 5 Coolest Gadgets, Modern & Retro. The Weird and the Marvelous Ghost Cars of the World Venezuela, Cuba, Russia: take your pick Art Deco Skyscraper of the Week: Trinity Building, New York Perhaps the first twin towers built there Abandoned Disney, Part 1 Overgrown Discovery Island, and other awesome sites Sensational Rock Formations: Moeraki [...]