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3 Animals (Other Than Birds) That Mimic Human Speech

Everyone knows that parrots can mimic human speech. So can a few other birds, including ravens and starlings. But it’s not just birds that speak up. Here are a few less obvious examples of animals that have learned to sound like people. 1. Asian Elephant At least one elephant is using his trunk for more than just [...]

Short People

Watch an adorable video of a class of 4-year-olds performing Randy Newman’s song “Short People” at the Sullivan School in Seoul, South Korea. They were supposed to sing this song with frowning faces, but they had a hard time keeping the smiles down! The video is at NeatoBambino. Link

Plastic Surgery Makes Asians Look More "Western"

See the difference in the before and after photos above? That’s 12-year-old Lee Min Kyong after plastic surgery of her eyelids to make her look more “western.” Scoff all you will, but plastic surgery to make Asians look more western is big business in Asia, and growing rapidly: The definition of pretty, explains their plastic surgeon, is [...]

Christmas Light Displays From Around the World

As winter begins, festivals of light flicker across the globe. From the meticulous and pretty to dazzlingly overloaded, light displays are a testament to shiny visions of high electric bills to come. Oddee takes a look at some doozies, including the above photo taken at Seoul Plaza, Seoul, South Korea (from Carpe Feline’s Flickr stream). Link. [...]

What’s behind door #1,543?

A friend of Neatoramanaut Andrew Wirtanen snapped this photo of a construction site with a unique screen hiding the building being worked on in Seoul, South Korea. The screen is made entirely out of doors! A little Googlin’ brought another view by waynekorea [Flickr]; this wonderful house made entirely out of old doors in Elberton, Georgia; [...]