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A System to Allow Tankers to Fire Their Biological Waste at the Enemy

Tank crewmen under fire can’t just step outside for relief. They have to keep their, uh, waste inside their tanks. But that may change, thanks to a patent filed by Aleksandr Georgievich Semenov: Here’s how the patent describes the scene, with numbers referring to specific items in the drawing: “A military man (3) puts the wastes (8) into [...]

New weapon fires waste at enemies

A weapon system that fires a soldiers’ own biological waste products at enemies has been patented. Invented by Aleksandr Georgievich Semenov, the weap…

The Delightfully Dark Art of Anton Semenov

Anton Semenov is an artist at an advertising agency by day, but at night, his digital paintings take a turn for the dark and become much more interesting. While most people probably wouldn’t feel comfortable having his art plastered up in their bedrooms, it certainly demonstrates a lot of talent and is great to look [...]