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The Best Camera-trap Pictures of 2012

National Geographic posted a gallery of six animal self-portraits from all over the world. Pictured here is a common genet captured by camera trap in Yemen. They are all beautiful, but I don’t understand why this one didn’t make the cut. Link (Image credit: Sebastian Kennerknecht, Wildlife Magazine)

An Artist’s Descent Into Alzheimer’s

Credit: Galerie Beckel Odille Boïcos When William Utermohlen learned in 1995 that he had Alzheimer’s disease, the artist embarked on an artistic project unlike any other he’d done before: Over a period of [...]

Animated Music Video – Rivers And Homes

(YouTube Link) This creative music video is for the song Rivers and Homes by the Brooklyn based band J.viewz, who asked fans to send them self portraits which they incorporated into the video as a unique form of stop motion animation. It’s a rare combination in a music video-good music and compelling visuals, with an interesting short [...]

8 Artists Who Poured Their Heart and Soul Into Their Work (Also: Their Blood and Urine)

All artists put a little bit of their soul into every piece. But these artists put their soul – and a whole lot more – into their art. 1. Hair and Nails When Hananuma Masakichi learned he was dying of tuberculosis, he wanted to give his girlfriend a way to remember him. So he constructed a life-sized [...]

Art or Makeup?

Artist Andy Alcala, a student at the University of Iowa, wanted to put a fresh face on classic artworks of the past…or should I say, he wanted to put the artworks on a fresh face? In his “Face Artists” series, he explores the concept of accepting art at its face value quite literally by painting [...]

Artist Painted Self-Portraits While On Various Drugs

As the popular PSA said, this is your brain and this is your brain on drugs. But what happens when you try to make art when you are under the influence of various drugs? That’s exactly what Bryan Lewis Saunders did for his art project. He took a lot of different drugs and then try [...]

Storm Troopers in Love

Red and Jonny call themselves Star Wars geeks. They started taking self-portraits wearing Storm Trooper helmets on their honeymoon, and continue to do so. See them in both everyday and outlandish situations in a years-long series of photographs. Link to story | Flickr stream | Red and Jonny’s website. -via Digg

The 18th Century’s Most Insane Sculptor

Franz Xaver Messerschmidst was, by all accounts, an incredibly talented sculptor. By the end of his life he was also, by most accounts, thoroughly insane. He was born in Austria in 1736 and by the 1770s had become recognized as one of the great neoclassical sculptors of his day — and then everything seemed to [...]