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Matchbox Gardens

I can’t keep a full-size garden alive, but maybe I’d do better with something on a smaller scale. That’s why I love Another Studio for Design’s Matchbox Gardens. Kind of a modern take on the Chia Pet, Matchbox Gardens use cress seed, an easy-to-grow seed that will germinate year-round. Bonus: you can eat the plant [...]

When a Nine-Month-Old Picks a Bracket

Taking a cue from Jason’s daughter and her impressive knowledge of presidential facts, I thought perhaps I had a child prodigy of a different sort on my hands: master bracketologist. Based on her picks, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that maybe this isn’t her area of expertise. I couldn’t have [...]

Will This Be on the (Drug) Test? On Poppy Seeds and False Positives

The other day, I caught a few minutes of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine Benes fails a drug test at work thanks to her fondness for the poppy seed muffins at Monk’s coffee shop. Can something as innocuous and innocent as a poppy seed pastry really make you look like a junkie? Although opium is processed [...]