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Assessing Gluteal Hardness in Uniformed Security Guards

The following is an article from the Annals of Improbable Research. by Peter Freundlich The Peter Freundlich Institute New York City, New YorkPhotographs by S. Drew, AIR staff The author of this study has often been an object of intense study by Uniformed Private Security Guards. In response, he has spent much time in turn studying them [...]

Skip the Long Security Lines at the Airport with a Wheelchair

Long wait at the airport security line? Savvy travelers know the shortcut: simply request an airport wheelchair, no proof of disability required! The practice, tacitly endorsed by a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy [...]

The Late Movies: Songs About Spies

On this date in 1947, the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency were established in the United States under the National Security Act. In honor of sneaky, stealthy, secretive men and women everywhere, here are six songs about spies. Spies Like Us Released in 1993 in conjunction with a Chevy Chase movie of the same [...]

How Secure Are Electronic Voting Machines?

Getty Images It’s not that the machines have slight security glitches. It’s more that they’re almost comically hacker-friendly. Take the touchscreen Diebold Accuvote system. In 2012, nearly one-quarter of Americans are expected to use them to cast ballots. But the machines have been under fire for security errors for nearly a decade. Just how insecure are they? [...]

Look Out! There’s A Vicious Goose On The Loose!

You know your building’s security has become way too lax when they post a note on the door about the dangerous goose on the loose, instead of simply shooing the thing away. The note wouldn’t be nearly as believable if the culprit weren’t posing for the picture with that murderous gleam in his eye!  Ack! My achin’ [...]

Why is the Retirement Age 65?

In the early 1880s, Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck of Germany had a problem. Marxist unrest was spreading across Europe and some of his own countrymen were calling for socialist reforms. To take the wind out of their sails and stave off more radical policies, Bismarck concocted a first-of-its-kind social insurance program wherein the national government [...]

The All Seeing Pizza Eye

The Illuminati have really let themselves go. They watch over all, but mostly just through grainy security cameras while munching on pizza. Joel Leblanc of Hell or High Water Tattoos in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, made this not quite ominous tattoo. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Water Guns Banned, Real Guns OK at GOP Convention in Florida

There’s politics, and then there’s gun politics: You cannot bring squirt guns to certain areas of the GOP convention in Tampa, Florida – safety reasons, you understand – but real guns? Those are perfectly [...]

Poltergeist activity filmed in Australia

Security footage shows a box of sweets being inexplicably flung from one of the shelves on to the floor. Filmed at an IGA store in Brompton, South Aus…

Reddit Raises $70,000 for Kenyan Orphanage

When shocking pictures were released of Omari, a face-slashing victim who was working single-handedly to defend an orphanage from roving thugs in Kenya, Reddit users stepped up to help the children Omari nearly died protecting. The original post asking for help requested a meager $2,000 to build a security wall around the orphanage to protect [...]