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The Kuba Komet

The Kuka Komet was a home entertainment system manufactured in West Germany from 1957-1962. The oddly angular upper section could rotate and included eight speakers. The bottom section opened to reveal a radio, a record player and an optional wire audio recorder. The Komet was very expensive: The suggested retail price for this model was 2,798 DeutchMarks [...]

Slauerhoffbrug: The Bridge That Looks Like It’s Flipping Pancakes

Betcha never seen a bridge like this one: the Slauerhoffbrug (Slauerhoff Bridge) in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, uses two arms to swing a section of the road in and out of place to let ships [...]

Glass Beach

Glass Beach is a section of coastline in MacK­er­richer State Park in California. After World War II, it was used as a public dump for two decades until local officials halted the practice. Since that time, the waves have worn smooth the glass shards disposed on the shore. However sad is the original cause, the [...]

Tentacle Tie

Etsy seller Rebecca Roka offers this squidscot covered with 29 sucker cups. Her shop includes a “Tentacle section.” Now there’s a retailing novelty! Not even the largest Wal-Mart has a tentacle section. Link via Nerdcore

Miniature Urban Sculpture by Alan Wolfson

Canal St. Cross-Section (2009-2010) What’s that giant quarter doing in the Canal Street subway station? Actually, the entire diorama is a realistic miniature urban sculpture by Alan Wolfson. It took him 18 months from start to finish, but the result is simply amazing. Check out the rest of his fantastic miniature sculptures here: Link – via Nerdcore

The Quick 10: 10 Famous Student Sections in College Basketball

I went to my first Duke game last week, and I have to say – I was impressed. The fans were pretty amazing. The Cameron Crazies have been repeatedly ranked as the best student section in college sports, but there are definitely some other frenzied fans out there trying to give them a run for [...]

How to Make Frozen Frankenpops

[YouTube - Link] Bunchland Magazine, a digital magazine that features awesome and creative families from all over the world, received this submission for our food section, called Munchland. In this section, families send us videos of themselves cooking or talking about food. This video, entitled The Dessert of Frankenstein, came from dad Eric Woolfe, a brilliant playwright/actor who creates deliciously [...]

Seats of Gold

Sportswriter Wright Thompson tried out the “Legends” section at the new Yankee Stadium. The seats originally went for $2,500. Now they are mostly empty, even though the price has dropped to $1,250. In telling the story of how such an exclusive luxury section came to be, Thompson relates the changes in baseball with the state [...]