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Secrets of the immortal jellyfish

Could the secret to immortality be found within a particularly unusual species of jellyfish ? German marine-biology student Christian Sommer had been …

How McDonald’s Makes Their French Fries

Previously, McDonald’s Canada explained how they make their burgers look so good in ads. Now, they unveiled the secret behind how they make their fries: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via The [...]

The Early History of 5 Spy Agencies

Most intelligence agencies in the U.S. government were formed to solve specific problems, or evolved from preceding organizations. There wasn’t always an FBI, for example. Before its founding, there was the Bureau of Investigation, whose members were drawn from the Secret Service. Most agencies operate in blackout conditions, and it takes a lot of work [...]

The Secret of Parenting, According to a Nobel Laureate

Want your kids to succeed in life? What parent doesn’t? That’s why we have helicopter parenting, Tiger Moms, Panda Dads [...]

Quiz: Secret Service Codenames

GQ reported this morning that Paul Ryan’s Secret Service codename is “Bowhunter.” Mitt Romney is “Javelin,” Barack Obama is “Renegade,” and Joe Biden is “Celtic.” But how much do you know about other Secret Service codenames? Take this quiz to find out. But be quick… it will self-destruct in 30 seconds. Take the Quiz: Secret Service [...]

Gift-Giving is the Secret of Successful Firefly Matings

The secret to mating, according to male fireflies (and undoubtedly applicable to many humans), is to give gifts to females. And now, scientists have found out the why: Male fireflies, known for attracting mates with [...]

The Secret Restroom

There’s an entire website about the “Secret Restroom” located to the side of Carnation Plaza at Disneyland. It’s not so much a secret anymore, but it is a fully-accessible one-holer tucked away as to not be noticeable. It’s also cleaned every half-hour. From the FAQs: Why is the Secret Restroom better than other Disneyland restrooms? For [...]

The Art of Living

Grant Snider at Incidental Comics found the secret to making life a lot more artful, interesting, and …strange. Link -Thanks, Rich!

Why French Parents Are Superior

Forget Tiger Moms! The secret to raising great, well-behaved kids is … being French! Pamela Druckerman explains why French parents are superior: Why was it, for example, that in the hundreds of hours I’d clocked [...]

6 Animals That Lived Unbelievably Long Lives

Is giving a cow whiskey the secret to ensuring it will live a long healthy life? It might sound silly, but if Bertha, the world’s longest-living cow had a few shots every year before staring in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, then who knows, maybe it helps. Interestingly, Bertha also holds the record for most [...]